[Voice of the two sessions] How can the automotive industry develop high -quality? Representatives have something to say


[Voice of the two sessions] How can the automotive industry develop high -quality? Representatives have something to say

People’s Daily Online, Hefei, March 9th (Chen Hao) my country is a country of automotive industry. According to data from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, last year, the total automotive production and sales of automobiles ranked first in the world for 13 consecutive years.

Anhui, my country’s automotive industry is a heavy town. In 2021, the province’s automobile output was 10,000, ranking 7th in the country, and the increase was far exceeding the national level. This year, the National Two Sessions, focusing on the high -quality development of the automotive industry, accepted an interview with the People’s Daily Channel of the People’s Daily Online in the National People’s Congress of Anhui. Representative of Zhou Fogeng: "Real -reorganization" develops new energy commercial vehicles. Zhou Fugen said that new energy commercial vehicles, especially trucks, are not fully developed.

"In fact, in the context of ‘double carbon’, the carbon emission pressure of trucks is greater than passenger cars.

"Public data shows that in 2021, my country’s new energy trucks have sold a total of 10,000 yuan, and the penetration rate is only%.

According to the analysis of Zhou Fugeng, there are three main factors affecting the promotion of new energy trucks: one is that the purchase cost is high; the other is that the subsidy threshold of "two -year driving 20,000 kilometers" is too high; and the third is that the supporting facilities need to be improved urgently. To this end, he pointed out in the proposal submitted to the conference that in the first place, it is necessary to give a certain operation subsidy policy through continuing the subsidy policy of light fuel trucks to replace pure electric truck subsidies, improve the price of new energy trucks, parking expenses, and passing bridge fees and other discounts. Policies, expand support measures such as new energy trucks, and reduce restriction conditions, and reduce the cost of purchase and use of new energy trucks. Secondly, properly relax the threshold for subsidies of "two years of driving 20,000 kilometers", it is recommended to cancel the two -year period requirements, and you can enjoy the subsidy when you reach the number of kilometers.

Third, we must speed up the construction of new energy trucks and replacement facilities, and give priority to improving high -frequency usage scenarios, such as express delivery and replacement facilities in the medium area of ??express delivery, postal, and urban assembly. Representative of Ding Shiqi: Extend the subsidy of new energy vehicle and exempt relevant taxes until in recent years in 2025, my country’s new energy vehicle industry has developed rapidly.

In the past year, the production and sales of new energy vehicles in the country were 10,000 and 10,000, respectively, an increase of 159%and 157%year -on -year. However, at the same time, the factors that restrict the popularization of new energy vehicles still exist. "The influence of industrial development is still greatly affected by policies such as promotion and application subsidies and exemption tax vehicles and ship taxes." Ding Shiqi, deputy general manager of the National People’s Congress and deputy general manager of Tongling Nonferrous Metal Group Holding Co., Ltd. The contribution of models, most consumers are sensitive to prices. "New energy vehicles have not yet developed to rely on market driving." At present, multiple factors, especially the launch of exclusive insurance at the end of last year, directly pushed up the cost of use of new energy vehicles. In Ding Shiqi’s view, in accordance with the current regulations and the cancellation of fiscal subsidies and levy purchase tax in 2023, the competitive advantage of new energy vehicles will be weakened, which is likely to lead to a decline in demand.

To this end, he suggested to extend the subsidy of new energy vehicle, continue to exempt and purchase tax vehicles to 2025.

"This will consolidate the results of industrial development and give play to the leading role of new energy vehicles as a strategic emerging industry in economic and social development." (Responsible editor: Wu Xilu, Zhang Lei) Share more people see it.