"Save the Suspect" starts! Zhang Xiaofei, Hui Yinghong and other luxury lineups


"Save the Suspect" starts! Zhang Xiaofei, Hui Yinghong and other luxury lineups

  Directed by Zhang Mo, starring Zhang Xiaofei and Li Hongqi, and Hui Yinghong’s invited film "Save the Suspect" announced that it has been launched recently and released a first -line vitality concept poster. In the picture full of criminal suspense, the clues related to the case are revealed everywhere, and all kinds of hidden details have caused everyone to be curious. The film’s full awards of the actors gather together, and the criminal suspense blockbuster is about to kick off.

  Zhang Xiaofei and Li Hongqi Hui Yinghong’s starring concept poster hidden crime secret movie "Save the Suspect" tells that in the process of defending a criminal of the death prisoner, Chen Zhiqi (Zhang Xiaofei) unexpectedly discovered that he was involved in a unable to sue people. Conspiracy. Faced with the questioning of the victim’s family member Lin Shu’e (Hui Yinghong), Chen Zhiqi decided to explore with the police Jin Zhixiong (Li Hongqi), and the cases that were suspiciously showed a layer of murder. As the film official announced, the filmmaker exposed the first -line vitality concept poster.

In the poster, the background of the dull cowhide paper with mottled creases rendered a weird and uneasy atmosphere. It was printed on the English word on Monday to Sunday in order. The focus of the red notes was vaguely showing the sense of compression of the countdown.

The lines of the colorful rope winding all the way, wrapped around the carved knife with a little blood.

Who is all this? What kind of secrets are hidden in the knife and colorful rope? The fog is to be revealed.

  The gold medal team created a criminal suspense blockbuster high -scoring director Zhang Mo again and fought on the screen caused the expectation of the film "Save the Suspect". Once announced the announcement, it caused heated discussion among netizens. Director Zhang Mo won the Changchun Film Festival with the movie "28 -year -old minor". The best debut award, this year’s Spring Festival also brings the audience’s high -mouth works "Sniper". All kinds of movies she participated in have achieved great results, and also made the audience have unlimited expectations for this new work. And curiosity.

  In addition, Zhang Xiaofei, Li Hongqi, Hui Yinghong’s three golden chicken prizes and golden statues in the full award lineup also surprised countless netizens, especially Zhang Xiaofei and Hui Yinghong’s double shadows were even more eye -catching. Among them, Zhang Xiaofei, who was affectionately called by everyone in "Hello, Li Huanying" in "Hello, Li Huanying", changed the warm appearance of the past, transformed into an elite lawyer, capable, calm, and savvy and just. Essence Hui Yinghong, who has won numerous awards by excellent strength, has long been a high -quality acting representative in the audience. Whether it is the gold medal team with quality and strength, or the doubtful and reversal plot settings, the movie has received countless attention as soon as it starts.

  The movie "Save the Suspect" is being filmed, so stay tuned.