"Save" 100 journalists around me in Xiamen training heart and lung recovery first aid skills


"Save" 100 journalists around me in Xiamen training heart and lung recovery first aid skills

Southeast Net November 14 (this reporter Lu Chao Ying) November 8th is China Journal June, November 20th is "China’s Heart Inspiration Day", in order to promote the professionalism of journalists, through journalists And experience, better advocate attention to cardiovascular health, master the necessity of heart first aid knowledge, Xiamen Health and Health Committee Joint Xiamen News Workers Association, Department of Cardiovascular Hospital, Xiamen University (hereinafter referred to as Xia Xin), The 13th and 14th free of charge of more than 100 journalists, systematic cardiopulmonary resuscitation, and awarded the World Association (AHA) certification of the 10 most valuable certificates through the assessor. .

Passing the first aid for a two-day training activities for the first aid for a two-day training event. The journalists listened to the scene, from the correct assessment of patients and dial 120, implement high quality Adult / child / baby heart lung recovery (chest pressure, artificial respiration, open airway, portable mask), using an automatic exemptation (AED), airway obstruction urgent treatment, etc., is strictly in accordance with the requirements of the tutors Each step. Everyone said that as a person in the news line, I also have seen many heart-lung recovery or simple learning, but I have never systematically involved training. This personally said that the heart and lung recovery requirements are so strict, the consumption of physical strength is so big, and the body will go to the medical staff to face the hanging line of life, and the emergency and death of the life and death, struggle to win the second, exhaust the urgency .

"Time is life, time is life, we hope to improve the awareness of the people to the first aid of the people through continuous popular science education activities, not to listen to the first aid skills, rather than listening to the so-called ‘clamatic arm blood vessel’ ‘胸 口 解 心 心 心The rumors, "Wang Bin, Director of Xia Xin Emergency Department, said that as the complex doubt of difficult cardiovascular disease treatment center in the region, the Xia Xin Hospital has relocated to the Wuyuan Wan new site in 2019, relying on the superior technical resources and new site-first-class hardware and software foundations, Actively join hands with the parties to the society, to strive to popularize the first aid knowledge to the public, improve the ability of the people to prevent cardiovascular disease, and vigorously promote the configuration of AED equipment in school, transportation hub, airport and other traffic intensive public places, textured citizens Life Safety Safety Network. "At present, Xia Xin has trained more than 500 people through AHA emergency skills. Chen Yuan, director of the Xia Xin AHA Training Center, said that Xia Xin will continue to expand the form of mission, strengthen the early intervention of cardiovascular disease, and promote the front movement of the care It works in with the public to promote the improvement of the heart of the people’s heart and the development of the people and the promotion skills, and help "health Xiamen" construction.

Heart infarction "The first stick", the heart and lung recovery skills need to be popularized, my country has about 5.44 million in the number of cardiac deaths in China, ranking the world.

In the face of sudden accidents, life and death often turns at the moment, if you can conduct effective heart and lung recovery in "four minutes", there is a lot of probability to save lives. However, as a population big country, my country’s top priciness of the first aid skills is less than 2%, which is much lower than 30% -90% of Western developed countries.

What is more worrying is that most of the sudden death occurred outside the hospital, and the success rate of rescue is only less than 1%.

Wang Bin said, "Society of heart and lung recovery, can save people in a critical moment, the first aid skills such as heart and lung recovery, automatic defibrillator need to be popularized to the public." Journalists often go deep into the news scene, facing various bursts, disasters , The dangerous complex environment, there is a first line of many unexpected events, which is necessary to master certain medical emergency knowledge, not only self-help, but also help others before professional emergency personnel, even save lives. The mainstay of this training is the only cardiological specialist hospital in Fujian Province, and is also a cardiac emergency training base for the American Heart Association (AHA) certified.

It is understood that the American Heart Association (AHA) is the most authoritative institution of global first aid training, and its courses are applicable to various international training centers around the world to provide quality first-aid training worldwide. AHA certificate is international certification, global general, is listed as one of the top ten most valuable certificates around the world, and the certificate indicates that his heart ambulance skills have been recognized by the international authority, which can be seen as professional emergency personnel. Related Links: Heart Investment Dial 120, Chest Pain Center Saving For the Legislative Cognition of the Publicness of the Publicness and Prevention of the Importance of Acute Myocardial Infarction, Popular Acute Histological Solutions, Chinese Medical Association and Chinese Medical Association Cardiovascular Disease Branch The annual November 20th is set as "China’s Heart Inspiration Day".

With the arrival of autumn and winter, the high-end sputum is coming, the Xia Xin experts remind the public to keep two "120" and can save the life of the patient.

First, "There is chest pain, I want to call 120", that is, chest pain is the iconic symptom of my myrosis. After the acute myothe infarction, I should call 120 immediately; the second is "my myrosis, strive for gold 120 minutes", ie acute myocardial infarction From the pathogenesis to the opening of the infarction, if it can be completed within 120 minutes, it can greatly reduce the mortality and disability rate, and achieve good therapeutic effects.