NATO and the United States said they would not send troops into Ukraine


NATO and the United States said they would not send troops into Ukraine

Xinhua News Agency, Brussels, February 24th (Reporter Ren Ke) NATO Secretary -General Stoltenberg said on the 24th that NATO did not intend to send troops to Ukraine, but it has launched the alliance defense plan and urged Russia to stop immediately in Ukraine’s military operations Essence The White House press secretary Puski reiterated on the 23rd that the United States will not fight with Russia or deploy troops in Ukraine.

The North Atlantic Council held a special meeting in NATO headquarters on the morning of the 24th. Stoltenberg said at a press conference after the meeting that NATO has no troops in Ukraine, "we have no plans or intention to send troops to Ukraine."

However, he also said that NATO is increasing the deployment of troops to the territory of NATO in the eastern region of the Alliance and the territory of NATO.

Stoltenberg announced that at the request of NATO’s Supreme Military Commissioner Walters, the North Atlantic Council decided to launch the NATO defense plan and will deploy the NATO rapid reaction force to any place in need. He also said that NATO called on Russia to stop military operations immediately and solve problems through diplomatic channels.

It is reported that NATO will hold a video summit for leaders of member states on the 25th to discuss the strategy of response. According to reports, Puski emphasized at a regular press conference on the 23rd that the US government has repeatedly stated that President Biden will not send US military to Ukraine to fight against the Russian army.

This position is "clear and consistent" and has not changed. Russian President Putin delivered a television speech on the early morning of the 24th that it decided to launch special military operations in the Donbas area, but said Russia did not have plans to occupy Ukraine. (Participate in the reporter: Deng Xianlai) (Responsible editor: Yuan Bo, Hu Yongqiu) Share let more people see it.