Yuchai won the first prize of the first Guangxi Patent Prize


Yuchai won the first prize of the first Guangxi Patent Prize

On November 4, the Guangxi Market Supervision Administration issued the list of the first Guangxi Patent Awards Winning Project, Yuchai "High-speed Marine Diesel Crop Set Support Structure" "Cellular Cooler" of the V-Type Multi-Cylinder Engine " List, among which "high-speed marine diesel engine cylinder block support structure" patent won the only special prize.

"High-speed marine diesel gas cylinder support structure" "Cooler" of "V-type multi-cylinder engine" is a core patented technology designed around the performance of the engine, overcoming the many commonality, key technical problems in their respective fields, greatly Improve engine performance, outstanding contributions in the high strength and lightweight design of the engine, and cooling efficiency.

At present, two inventive patents have been widely used in the engine and have achieved significant results.

For a long time, Yuchai attaches great importance to intellectual property work, actively promoting intellectual property applications, and patent application will be in 15 consecutive years. Guangxi first, 5 Guangxi major special projects reported by Yuchai, successfully included "145" Guangxi Machinery The manufacturing and high-end equipment science and technology major special implementation plan, 4 patents such as "four-gas diesel gas cylinder head unloading trough" have won the National Excellent Patent Prize, and the company has been recognized as "National Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprises".

Subsequent, Yuchai will continue to strengthen scientific and technological innovation, strengthen the top floor design and institutional mechanism of patent management work, strengthen the management and application of intellectual property rights, and help the company’s high quality development. (可) (Editor: Chen Luo, Huang Wei) Sharing let more people see.