Wenzhou (Lucheng) market purchase trade breaks 4 billion US dollars


Wenzhou (Lucheng) market purchase trade breaks 4 billion US dollars

Original title: Market purchase trade breaks 4 billion US dollars to September 30, Wenzhou (Lucheng) market procurement trade accumulates to complete billion dollars. Among them, from 152 working days since February 24th, a total of 100 million US dollars were completed three months in advance.

On the occasion of the global economic operation, Wenzhou continues to achieve the health, continuous and steady development of open economy, and has further enhanced endogenous motivation and autonomy in the development of foreign trade market.

Unblocked domestic international "double cycle" to do international trade Wenzhou (Lucheng) market procurement trade pilot at home, which was approved on September 29, 2018. Behind the people’s data, the market purchase trade continues to play an advantage, and has become the "propeller", overall presence "of the city’s foreign trade," the customs clearance is getting faster, the platform is getting better and better, and the policy is getting more and more favorable ". Foreign trade "blue sea".

Deer City created the WMS market purchase trade warehouse management software, promoted the transformation of the Hong Kong area luggage warehouse base, the landing market procurement trade group, providing the company "Market purchase trade intelligent warehousing system application group goods LCL, system automatic Find a one-stop service for the LCL supply and online matching, the championship declaration export of the championship.

"The Group LCL platform is like the ‘ETC’ fast passage of the highway, greatly enhances the efficiency of goods." Wenzhou Kaida Yutong Logistics Co., Ltd. Li Fangyu said with emotion, the launching platform is on the line, the average is average The time of about 70%, which reduced nearly 30% shipping, which was not dared to think before.

A series of innovative initiatives and preferential policies have been introduced to attract the agglomeration of many foreign trade companies and the enthusiasm of participating in market procurement trade. In the first half of the year, it is facing the harbor blocking and the shipping logistics of the goods, and the air transport stream of the Wenzhou Port transnational flight explosion, the deer city rate will enable the market procurement trade empty hand package machine direct flight exit model, timely Wenzhou Light Industry Import and Export Co., Ltd. billion-dollar order architecture has been "aerial bridge". The international "friends circle" continuous expansion to create a rapid development of the new business-level e-commerce emerging skills in high-level open platform, which promotes the development of Wenzhou Port to "highway", accelerate "market purchase + cross-border e-commerce" new state integration, A comprehensive platform that adapts to the globalization competition in plugging in the wings.

In September this year, Wenzhou realized cross-border e-commerce export 9610, 9810, 9710, 1210 models full coverage, with cross-border e-commerce direct mail and bonded import and export full-mode business in Customs Supervision model, "stable Order "protects the escort.

Foreign trade enterprises seek common development and share results in "Cloud".

Wenzhou Jinyao Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd. is the beneficiary of online and offline, "" Through the retail export of overseas warehouses, it is also helpful to solve the shortage of flight flight flights, the postage is high to 3 to 4 times. " We built our own brand and expand the local market.

"Yang Lijie, chairman of the company, said that the international" friends circle "of Wenzhou enterprises is continuous expansion. It is accompanied by" expansion ". The rise of Wenzhou (Lucheng) market purchasing trade has also driven a large increase in the business volume of Wenzhou Port Group, and constantly traveling in Hong Kong. District resources. In July this year, Wenzhou Port Group opened the 6th direct flight route, the route is the only route in the northern part of Zhejiang Province, and the cost of transportation costs in the single cabinet transportation of local enterprises is more than 1,000 yuan. The pilot enterprises quickly dredge "out of the sea" large channel.

Wenzhou open economy develops a wide range. Wenzhou City will further explore the new European class landing to sell market procurement trade, promote the export of pre-packaged food market procurement trade, to create a "Wenzhou to Taiwan" express route, further improve the port capacity, shorten the shipping cycle, open up two sides New channels.

(Editor: Wang Xiao Xiao, Wang Lizhen).