The Nuclear Submarine of the South China Sea "Hill" appeared in the beautiful coast boat.


The Nuclear Submarine of the South China Sea "Hill" appeared in the beautiful coast boat.

The US military nuclear submarine in the "hill" accident in the South China Sea has a new "moving".

According to the US media, this nuclear submarine has been secretly transferred from Guam to San Diego, the West Coast of the United States.

The latest exposure screen also discloses the damage of the submarine, and you can see that the entire sound cover of the boat is gone. The US "The Battle District" column reported on December 12th, the previous US Navy "Connecticut" nuclear submarine after the underwater "hit the mountain" accident, appeared in San Diego (California, USA) The state city is almost certain that this submarine is or more floating gesture to this. According to the report, some netizens found and confirmed the "Connecticut" nuclear submarines entering San Diego port by San Diego port. It can clearly see the damage of this submarine – the entire sound of the boat is gone.

According to reports, the US Navy’s "Connecticut" nuclear submarine was exposed from the mid-November to the Guam Terminal, and then unknown. The "Theater" has asked the US Navy asked the information of this submarine, but did not receive a reply. The "Theater" has speculated the destination of the "Connecticut" nuclear submarine is its portal of the Breton Navy Base in Washington, there is a base of three US Navya-wolf nuclear submarines. According to the report, the "Connecticut" nuclear submarine failed to overhaul in Guam is the lack of large dry dock facilities.

Although Hawaii’s Pearl Harbor Navy Base has the ability to overhaul submarines, considering the uniqueness of sea wolf nuclear submarines, this is also a major challenge for the Pearl Harbor Navy Base.

According to reports, a serious damaged nuclear submarine sailed 6200 miles (9977 km) at sea, and it was a very unpleasant process in the case of no boats. I don’t know what the ship is sent to the "Connecticut" nuclear submarine. On November 18, the US "Military Times" website reported that after the "Mountain" accident occurred in the US Navy "Connecticut" accident, the US Naval Submarine sector has begun to download the "navigation suspension" command this week.

However, officials of US submarine troops explained that this "navigation pause" command promulgated on November 17 will not stop the US military activities from the previous waterfront stop or the aviation troops.

There were also American media analysis that the degree of damage to this nuclear submarine may be seriously retired, and the US Navy is now facing two difficulties, whether it is to retire it or retire, will pay a huge price.

The Chinese Naval Research Institute, Zhang Jun, who said, said that the official statement of the seventh fleet of the United States is still obscured. "The US military is in the strong appeal and requirements of the international community, and after a month, it is like a unknown statement that is unknown to the extrusion cream. It is not only a lack of sincerity, not transparent, not professional, it is really disappointing." Wang Wenbin, China Foreign Ministry, said on the routine reporter, on November 2, we once again urge the US to explain the relevant situation of the accident, fully responding to the concerns of the regional countries, the key is to stop sending military ship military machines to challenge, show off force Stop damage to the active safety of other countries, otherwise this type of accident will not be less than less.