[Nesterday world] Why do foreign students in Wuhan choose to stay here?


[Nesterday world] Why do foreign students in Wuhan choose to stay here?

Barth Ibrahin from Syria, in September 2014, I came to Wuhan Physical Education College to study doctorate. He said, "Every year, I will prepare a bunch of flowers and a small gift for my girlfriend. But this year’s love has another meaning.

I found yourself in love with Chinese society, Chinese teachers and friends. Not only because we respect each other, and I realize the amazing humanitarian spirit of the Chinese people: they are not only friendly, helpful, even in their own difficulties, can also be helpful.

"After the new coronary virus epidemics, Barth Ibrahin received a large number of information from Chinese friends and teachers asked personal health and safety in the first time. In addition, the teachers have always remembered the psychology and physical condition of international students. Basha · Ibrahin said, "We will have the first time to get information and explanations related to prevention and control epidemic in the WeChat group. This is the first time I have learned in my life and see how a hospital is built in ten days! In these days, teachers share useful to mitigate stress techniques, encourage and guide us to exercise indoors every day. In addition, they sent us some great online learning and free online courses. In these days, I have never felt loneliness and fear.

"When the Syrian Embassy called the national evacuation of Wuhan, Barth Ibrahina decided to leave Chinese teachers, friends and Wuhan people who loved deeply." Because Wuhan is now my second hometown . I have a responsibility to accompany them to spend hard, I am ready to do volunteer work for this city. "(Jia Wenting, Ru Chenxi, Olimpiaavila, Shukulzada Bachziyer, Barth Ibrahim) (Editor: Jia Wenting, Yan Yu) Share more people see.