Zheng Aidong: Make a scientific ignition, ignite the science of the science of youth


Zheng Aidong: Make a scientific ignition, ignite the science of the science of youth

Currently grabbing youths with technology activities. "For young people, we must first grab their curiosity.

Teenagers are full of curiosity about new things and new knowledge. "Zheng Aidong emphasized that the teacher should protect the students’ curiosity, and we must teach the new knowledge of the courses." In fact, the science and technology activities can completely interested the children.

"Zheng Aidong is located is a rural primary school. It is necessary to carry out scientific and technological activities. The biggest problem encountered is the insufficient funds. In order to solve this problem, Zheng Aidong leads the students to use the use of waste discs, steel bars and ice cream to make scientific props. Sports children’s interest in science. He collaborate with other teachers, winning the "Science and Technology Characteristic School" of three projects in Pukou District, Nanjing, Jiangsu Province.

Popular work helps children understand the world’s face of sudden new crown pneumonia epidemics, as a teacher, must let the child understand the information of the epidemic prevention and control.

Zheng Aidong pointed out that only what the students learned about the epidemic, how to deal with it, they will not panic, can be treated now.

He believes that not going out, not running, does not contact, these three seems to be easy, but to let students do this three points, they need teachers to do well well.

The scientific knowledge of science ignited the scientific knowledge of the science "My scientific knowledge may not be professional researchers, but I will teach yourself to the students as much as possible to tell them how to think about it, and scientifically look at one thing. .

"Zheng Aidong believes that scientific popularization is the" knocking brick "of scientific education. He said that I am an ignition, I want to ignite the scientific flames of the child, help them pursue scientific thinking and scientific thinking.

"Science is a very charming thing.

It is a meaningful thing to pursue scientific knowledge with students. "Zheng Aidong believes that scientific knowledge can not only help children know the world, but also help the children’s future, to truthfully pragmatize, pursue rational scientific spirit to the younger generation, will make them benefit from life.