Zhejiang Huzhou: Energetic energy for promoting high quality development


Zhejiang Huzhou: Energetic energy for promoting high quality development

  In Xin’an Town, Deqing County, Huzhou, Zhejiang Province, the photovoltaic plate on the roof of the villagers shines in the sun shines. When the local village collective is used to install the photovoltaic board by renting the village roof, the 689 villagers have added more than 1,000 yuan.

  In recent years, Huzhou actively builds a multi-fusion high-elastic power grid under energy Internet form to create a clean low-carbon energy system, promote the construction of a batch of high-carrying, high interaction, high self-healing, and high-efficiency power grid projects, providing electricity for local high quality development. support.

  Building a high-elastic power grid This year, the national network Huzhou company strengthens technological innovation, transport distributed trend controller demonstration project, and improves the bearing capacity and safety of regional grids by lifting the elasticity of the grid.

  In Deqing County, through the "three-level elastic unit" system, the three-stage elastic unit "system is created, and the rural grid is upgraded from the source to the source of the source.

In Anji, a multi-fusion high-elastic application of "photothermal storage charge" integration integrating roof photovoltaic, charging pile, ground source heat pump, etc.

  In recent years, Huzhou has vigorously promoted the development of renewable energy, and the new energy installed scale continued to expand, and the energy structure continued to optimize. As of the end of June this year, Huzhou’s new energy power generation capacity capacity capacity capacity of 207 million kilowatts, including 1830,000 kW, and the cleaning energy generated installed machine is constantly increasing. With the Changlong Mountain Pumping Storage Power Station, "New Energy + Botility" joint demonstration project and other policies such as "charging treasure" have successively put forward, clean energy and consumption mechanism, etc., with multiple fusion high-elastic grids The construction of new power systems with new energy is being accelerated.

  Improve the rural electrification level Huzhou drive power grid and "green water Qingshan" coordinated development and depth integration, and promote the construction of new era towns’ electrification.

  Electrification Hui Nong’s Fugong Project, let traditional agricultural production have a new way of rendering. The streets of the old museum in Nanxun District, 48-year-old Tianshuangfang is the largest grain, the local port Hu Vadrain, in the past season, he wants to call more than 10 farmers in the place.

Today, all kinds of large agricultural machinery equipment centralized operation, electrical and water line operations make agricultural production and improvement.

  On September 16, the National Network Huzhou Power Supply Company issued "Get Power" and the three-year action plan (2021-2023) "in the" Get Power ". What is "getting electricity" without different urban and rural areas? According to reports, the action plan focuses on the same quality, accelerates the integration of urban and rural power level; focusing cost, the whole country promotes "provincial heart electricity, saving money, green electricity" service model; focusing on repairing, fully realizing urban and rural repair On-site "45 minutes arrival", the whole domain builds "homogenous, same price, and" urban and rural no differential electricity, promote urban and rural power grid construction, comprehensive protection of urban and rural power grid construction, power supply, electricity cost, power supply service, clean It can be "five no differences". In the previous period of the low carbon transition of the enterprise, the person in charge of Huzhou Longfang Machinery Co., Ltd. in Miao Xi Town decided to use roof resources to build a distributed photovoltaic project when building new plants. The company is a manufacturing enterprise engaged in auto parts finishing. The company’s annual electricity consumption is more than 1490,000 kilowatts.

To this end, Wu Xing Power Supply Branch’s customer manager Shen Jianping came to the company to carry out power supply + energy efficiency services. After understanding, the melted boiler used in the production of enterprises is long, and the energy consumption is high. Shen Jianping recommends that enterprises combine the factory demolition plan, purchase new production lines, and reduce energy consumption can also improve capacity.

  Relying on the new energy cloud, Huzhou online support service platform, promoting the carbon emissions of enterprises, industries and districts and counties, fully realizing the "carbon monitoring", accurate positioning enterprises, "carbon footprint" and political and enterprises Incentive, panoramic deeper "carbon applications", realize new energy management and service full processes in "digital driver".

  Up to now, more than 3,700 capacity and output value data of more than 3,700 enterprises in Huzhou have all entered the assessment system. It is expected that the whole year can promote the carbon emissions of the city’s unit output value by more than 3%, and the reduction of carbon dioxide is 300,000 tons.

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